Angel Babies


The beginning of a parent's hopes and dreams, the anticipation of the pitter patter of tiny little feet. A family being born unto each other. No parent ever expects their dream to shatter. But sadly, sometimes it can.

To lose a baby is one of the hardest things any parent has to face and to cope with, whether it is through miscarriage, fetal abnormality, stillbirth or any other complication during pregnancy or just after birth.



So many decisions have to be faced suddenly and parents can feel overwhelmed with the choices they have to make. As well as coping with this they become aware that the time they have with their baby will be short and precious memories are all they will have left.

Let Lifelong Memories take a lasting impression of your child for you to treasure forever. We can come to the hospital or a place of your choice to take these impressions for you at no extra charge.


“There is no hand or foot too small that it cannot leave an impression on this world.”


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