Give your loved ones a unique and personalized gift that will capture these precious memories. Imagine giving your child a pair of his or her bronzed shoes or even a dummy as a 21st. Birthday gift or Wedding gift. Lifelong Memories can transform sentimental items into meaningful and valuable memories with a rich coating of Copper, Silver or 24 carot Gold. Unique gifts such as baby shoes, a golden dummy and hospital ID band are easily bronzed and make special gifts. Treasure your baby's joyful moments forever.

Bronzing also known as Electroplating is a process of covering either wholly or partially , in a protective coating of metal, an item or combination of items. This will either preserve for all time the essence and memory associated with the item or will beautify the item by altering all or part of its surface appearence. The metal coating can be bronze, silver or gold and can be given an antique look depending on the creative choices you make.


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Pair of Shoes Before

Pair of Shoes after

Shoe and Dummy

Gold, Silver and Bronze
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Bronzing Gold Silver Bronze
One Baby Shoe $190 $170 $140
Dummy $170 $150 $130
ID Band $170 $150 $130
Two Baby Shoes $300 $270 $240


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